Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bubbly For Any Occasion

Did you know champagne pairs well with Thai food? What about Seafood?  Or Cheese?

Many people tend to think you can only drink champagne at formal events. They couldn't be more wrong. Champagne pairs well with a variety of different foods and can be drank at any time of the day.

Before you pop a bottle, take into consideration these simple guidelines:

Champagne or Sparkline Wine? 
The new craze is having mimosa's with brunch. It's a great idea but if you are adding orange juice, cranberry juice, or any other juice, do not splurge on an expensive bottle! I would recommend an affordable bottle of sparkling wine that you can find at any grocery store. Truly great champagne should be drank by itself.

Know the Difference.
Champagne is a sparkling wine that is produced in the Champagne region of France. It can not be labeled Champagne if the grapes are not from Champagne region.
Sparkling wines are produced worldwide and have many different names. Cava (Spain), Prosecco (Italy), Brut (British).
The bottle posted below is a $40 bottle of real champagne and is rated higher than $100 bottles on the same shelf. The reason: Some makers will buy their grapes from other wineries in the champagne region, which they in turn pass the cost on to you. A winery that has their own champagne grapes isn't passing all the extra costs of buying, labeling, packaging the grapes on to the consumer.

It has been said, the less bubbles in a glass, the better the champagne will taste. The bubbles should be tiny and float just enough for you to see them before disappearing or settles.

These notes and opinions are entirely my own. Grab a bottle and judge for yourself. There is no right or wrong way in choosing when and where to pop a bottle of bubbly!

A great way to learn more about Champagne is to ask your local wine store sommelier.

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