Friday, April 5, 2013

Wine Temperature: To Chill or Not to Chill?

I have tasted a lot of wines and I can honestly say there is nothing worse than sipping on a warm glass of wine! If you are one of those people who pops the cork without considering the temperature of your wine, you are missing out on its true flavor! To get the most out of your bottle, consider chilling before popping- It will change the way you taste wine forever.

In my experience, most people think you can open red wine at room temperature, but did you know that chilling it just a bit will help the flavors really stand out? What is the correct temperature your wine should be chilled? Are you chilling your white wine for too long? Should I chill my reds?? Luckily our friends at Corkcicle have all the answers!

One of my favorite accessories to chill wine is the Corkcicle. Not only is it one of Oprah's Favorite Things for 2012, it will dramatically change the way you taste and think about wine. It keeps your chilled whites and lighter chilled reds at perfect drinking temperature and it is super easy to use. Simply start by chilling the corkcicle in the freezer. For white wine, pour the first chilled glass. For red wines, pour a 'splash' out to make room for the corkcicle. Then pop it into your white or red bottle (15 min for reds) to keep it chilled. When you are done with it, just give it a wash and use again!

While you are perusing through their collection be sure to check out their latest blog: Wine Temperature...What's All The Fuss About? 

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