Friday, March 22, 2013

5 Great Wines Under $10

Over the past few months I have been buying and trying several types of wines that are affordable and that I call "everyday wines". These are wines that you can feel comfortable serving at a dinner party, a small get together, or give as a gift. They won't break the bank and they don't taste 'cheap'. Let's face it, there are some wines out there that do taste cheap and are just not very good. If you are going to spend your money, you may as well buy something that you actually like drinking! You can spend $10 on a very good bottle, or $10 on a really terrible bottle, but you don't really know until you try it.
I have done some of the trying and have come up with Five Great Wines $10 and Under.

Please note that with any wine, it is important to open it at least an hour ahead of serving so it has time to breath. If you don't have an hour then use a wine aerotor while pouring into glasses. Pouring the bottle into a carafe will help open the wine up as well.


McManis Family Merlot (2011)
Total Wine or K&L Wine Merchant
$7.99- $8.99
La Finca Malbe (2011)
Trader Joe's
Altes Grenache (2011)
K&L Wine Merchant
Carmenair Red Blend (2010)
Trader Joe's
Souverain Cabernet Sauvignon (2010)
North Coast
Total Wine

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