Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Amo Il Vino

Translation, "I love wine!" 

Today, my blog will take a new direction. I recently discovered that I have many, many, many pictures of wine bottles on my phone. What good do the pictures do if I can't share a great bottle with my friends! I will now be posting these photos to my blog and updating with my thoughts (ie, great buy, keep looking, jammy, fruity, definitely aerate, great for date night). One thing you'll notice is that I take a lot of pictures that include cheese and other accompaniments. I think we can all agree that presentation is everything!

To make sure I start this off on the right foot, I posted one of my favorite bottles of wine. You may not be into sports or care that my San Francisco Giants won the World Series two of the last three years (shame on you), but we can all agree that Duckhorn makes a fantastic wine. This is a special release of 2010 red table wine produced by Duckhorn. It will run you around $30 at Cost Plus or any other wine specialty store.

Swirl, taste, enjoy!

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